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Produce from local farmers you know and trust

Produce from local farmers you know and trust

The Onchenda On-line Farmers’ Market is an eCommerce/mCommerce portal to locally grown food offerings from local farmers, ranchers, market gardeners, and value-added food producers you know and trust in your geographical region.

The respective Onchenda Regional Offices will handle the financial transaction through a variety of payment options, and arrange delivery within 24-48 hours pursuant to the delivery options specified by the buyer.

Customers will be able to select the food they want either a la carte from their favorited local farmers’ online shops, or by DIY meals with downloadable video walk-throughs to your smartphone or tablet.

Our DIY Meals feature relieves you from receiving expensive pre-packaged meals with small amounts of ingredients for each meal, and from receiving a box of “whatever’s available” as from CSAs.

Instead, you select the DIY Meals you want and quantity, add the ingredients you don’t have or haven’t already selected elsewhere (which will be grayed-out) into your cart.

Upon checkout, the video walk-throughs for those meals will be sent to your smartphone or tablet for convenient reference in the kitchen.

DIY Meals

“Paint by Numbers Cooking”: Buy the ingredients and download the video.

We understand the importance of keeping products at their desired temperature during the shipping process. Using our insulated box liners and gel packs is how we ensure products are kept within the desired temperature range. Each box is carefully packaged to stay fresh for several hours after your delivery arrives, and we modify our packaging based on the season and your location. You can specify whether you want home or workplace delivery. You may also provide additional delivery instructions, such as asking the package to be left with a doorman or neighbor.

Onchenda Regional Online Farmers’ Markets are currently being establish in the United states and Taiwan, with Vietnam, Philippines, and Chile and other countries to follow, and will be accessible when each one is publicly launched.

More and more regional areas and Producer Members will be added to our Cooperative over time. We intend to make Onchenda Regional Online Farmers’ Markets available globally. All growers are welcome to apply. If you are a buyer and don’t see your country or region listed, please contact us and tell us that you would like an Onchenda Regional Online Farmers’ Market in your area. We will notify you when one is available. If you would like to establish and manage an Onchenda Regional Office for your area, let is know that, too.

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