A Social Enterprise for Abundant Local Organic Food

Annual Report

Onchenda Open Global Food Cooperative,

Benefit Corporation

Annual Benefit Report 2016

This report is in compliance with Section 16-10B-401 of the Utah Department of Commerce, Division of Corporations & Commercial Code.

1a.     Benefits Pursued:

Onchenda is in its second year of operation. We have continued to refine our business model and operations to maximize the chances for success by increasing our observation and influence in the following areas: The local Utah farming community, the regulatory institutions, and the potential customer base within the state of Utah. We also continue our studies of the Asian markets as well. We have identified a Software as a Service (SaaS) Company with which to collaborate, as soon as customization capital is raised. We have submitted an SBIR Grant Proposal for consideration by the USDA which may be awarded in June 2017. We are hopeful that our fundraising efforts will result in the creation of a working platform which will assist local farmers to become more prosperous and competitive while at the same time providing healthful, very fresh locally grown food to consumers.

Specific Actions & Extent of Benefit:

During our second year of operation we have contributed our support and expertise to the processes of local, national and international business, educational and regulatory agents.

February-April. Participated in classes concerning permaculture and agro-ecology with local groups.

February 17-18, Participated in Small and Urban Farms Conference, sponsored by USU Ag. Extension, held at the Viridian Center in West Jordan, Utah. It is a useful networking and educational event.

March 18, Participated in Village Capitol event at Impact Hub. Exploring potential revenue sources for Benefit Corporations.

April 18, Participated in Women’s group “ALL” for networking with women in business.

May 4, Participated in Business Roundtable at Church and State. Networking with local business concerns: Strategies in Fundraising, Sponsorship and Capital Raising.

May 10, Attended Alpine City Council Public Hearing and Meeting… proposed adding a farmers’ market to Alpine Days and getting permission for Onchenda to sponsor such action.

May 14, Attended Local environmental group meeting (LDSES) to lend support to earth stewardship efforts.

May 24-25, Participated and presented at the P3 Event in conjunction with the Provo Chamber of Commerce, promoting Benefit Corporation status. Provided instructions for and benefits of the designation.

June: Attended and evaluated currently operative Farmers’ Markets in Salt Lake City, Sugarhouse, Provo, American Fork, Spanish Fork and other local Utah Markets. Talked to market directors about possibilities of collaboration with Onchenda.

June 24, Participated in local incubator function: Beehive Startups – DevMountain @ the Startup Building.

June 28, Participated in Kaysville Horticultural Farm Field Day sponsored by USU Dept. of Agriculture. Also, Participated in USU Extension Meeting. Local Food distribution, etc. Raven Albertson, BS, CHES. Also, took advantage of SBIR 101 Seminar sponsored by UStar.

July: Continued evaluation of local farmers markets and launched effort to bring Farmers’ Market to Alpine Day in August in Alpine Utah.

July 22, Participated in Entrepreneur Showcase at Church and State Incubator in Salt Lake City.

August 7-13, Alpine Days with Onchenda sponsored Farmers’ Market on August 12-13.

August 23, EAT Coalition Meeting in Provo.

September 7, Womenpreneur Meeting: Difficult Conversations & Negotiation

September 13-18 Sponsor, Presenter and attended the North American Permaculture Convergence in Napa Valley California

September 28, Entrepreneur and Venture Ecosystem Networking night. Start-Up Bldg in Provo Utah.

October 3, Submitted SBIR Grant Proposal to USDA for possible funding in June 2017.

October 11, Attended Utah Dept. of Agriculture and Food, Advisory Board Meeting.

October 21, Attended and joined Incubator Network, Bagels and Business at Salt Lake Community College.

November 17, Meeting of Zion Elite Entrepreneur program.

November 18, Bagels and Business at Salt Lake Community College.

November 30, Attended “In Conversation with Dallas Hartwig” Functional Medicine and Food Expert at Impact Hub.

December 1, Attended Women in Tech. Event: “Courage to Reinvent” at Adobe in Lehi.

December 6, Gathering of people interested in developing a Crowdfunding round for Onchenda.

Hindrances, if any.

As a start-up business, there are always difficulties of prioritization, time pressures, financial considerations, and occasional regulatory burdens. But, we have nothing out of the ordinary. Fund raising is difficult.

 1b.     Assessment against Social & Environmental Third-party Standard:

As a start-up business with no revenue as yet, we are, in a practical sense, compliant in theory, as our application is still waiting on software customization, which will be hopefully completed soon.

          Application of Standard:

We are looking to Food Alliance as a third-party certifier, as it has the same qualifications and values that we champion. We are applying the standard as it is possible to do.

          Reason for inconsistent application of Standard:

We are compliant as much as possible. We are still small and not to the point of revenue yet.

1c.     Name of Benefit Director and Address:

Benefit Director is Colleen G. Dick, 460 Peach Tree Circle, Alpine, UT 84004

          Statement of Benefit (or Not):

It is my opinion that Onchenda Open Global Food Cooperative, Benefit Corporation has lived up to its mission to be of benefit to the social and environmental charge that it has accepted. It has offered time and resources to the education, and encouragement of restorative and sustainable practices, and creation of markets for small farms, market gardeners, ranchers and small local value added producers. The officers and directors of this corporation strive to live according to their values of being good examples to our corporate and neighborhood communities. –Colleen G. Dick

          Identification of Third Party. Is it the same as before?

We are considering the qualifications of Food Alliance and Sustainable Agriculture Network. They are both in considerable resonance with our mission and goals. This is our second year, so it is the same as previous year.

          Connection or Relationship of Third Party (stock holder or not):

There is no relationship between us and either of these Third Party entities.

          Board of Directors issues:

We have no changes in the board of directors

  1. Benefit Director Changes and Circumstances:

We have no changes in the director.

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