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The Alpine Farmer’s Market Model: A Cooperative Model for the 21st Century

Conventional farmer’s markets are inherently problematic, plagued with high turnover and profitability issues, and unnecessarily so. A new farmer’s market model with an e-commerce adjunct has been developed in Alpine, UT for the 21st Century by Onchenda Open Global Food Cooperative, and will be launched at the Alpine Days Celebration on August 12th and 13th.Continue Reading

Components of the Required Shift

Regenerative Agriculture: Sowing Health, Sustainability and Climate Stability Sarah Streat and Katherine Paul, Organic Consumers Association   “A nation that destroys its soil destroys itself.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt In his opening address to the Savory Institute global conference in London on August 1, Alan Savory said that while agriculture is the foundation of civilizationContinue Reading

Averting Armageddon

To adequately mitigate climatic degradation, population overshoot, and the global proliferation of poverty, hunger, and resource warfare within enough time to avert the rapidly approaching Armageddon, ambitious initiatives well outside our respective comfort zones and personal preferences and mindsets are required. Some would say that Armageddon is inevitable. Some even pray for it, and thatContinue Reading