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The following is how Onchenda cascades wholesome abundance throughout local communities:

Existing Growers:

Urban FarmerIf you are an existing farmer, market gardener or specialty shop that wants to sell your produce through your own virtual store in our Online Farmers’ Marketsign up for a FREE Producer Membership: CLICK HERE

Your produce or value-added products can be sold online and delivered directly to local consumers and professional purchasers (hotels, hospitals, grocers, restaurants, school cafeterias, etc.) through our Online Farmers’ Market. Onchenda will retain a percentage of Online Farmers’ Market sales to fund operations.

Start-up Growers:

Gardening Mentor3If you are a start-up regenerative agriculture farmer or market gardener, or just want to grow enough food to feed and employ yourself, and want assistance with getting set up and producing so you can then sell your produce through your own virtual store in our Online Farmers’ Market, sign up for a FREE Producer Membership: CLICK HERE                                                                                                                                                                                       

Transition Growers:

Transition FarmerIf you are a farmer wanting to transition from mono-crop chemical farming to regenerative agriculture and then sell your produce through your own virtual store in our Online Farmers’ Market, sign up for a FREE Producer Membership: CLICK HERE

Onchenda Mentor are:

LOCAL Permaculturists, Edible Horticulturalists, Organic Farmers, Holistic Management Experts, Regrarians, Agroecologists, etc. who act as project managers for local Producer Member start-up or transition projects. Mentor Members:

Gardening Mentor4c1. QC the landscape design, implementation program, costs estimate, and financial projections locally,

2. Oversee and supervise execution and ongoing development of their Producer Members’ projects, and

3. Assist in locally leveraging all 8 forms of capital (social, material, financial, natural, intellectual, human, spiritual, and cultural) to bring about healthy soils, produce, communities and economies.

In exchange for these services to local Producer Members, Mentor Members receive a retainer for projects they accept plus 5% of their Producer Members’ online sales on a residual bases. The greater the number of Producer Members successfully mentored, the greater the number of residual income streams to Mentor Members.

MENTORS sign up for a FREE Mentor Membership: CLICK HERE

Vendor Members are:

LOCAL vendors and suppliers of the materials, supplies, tools, equipment, seeds, plants, and/or livestock called for in local Producer Members’ project cost estimates. As GardenSupplysuch, Onchenda not only acts as a referral service for local Vendor Members but also pays them on a net 30 basis against project-specific Vendor Vouchers redeemed by Producer Members for the goods specified in their cost estimates from funds that have already been allocated to such projects in our Grower Fund.

Accordingly, Vendor Members get more local customers and guaranteed timely payment directly from Onchenda. In order to make this system work, Vendor Members must agreed to give Onchenda access via API to their inventory and pricing database so that their goods and pricing can be automatically built right into the landscape design and implementation program cost estimates we generate for Producer Members, as well as the product-specific Vendor Vouchers for Producer Members to redeem at Vendor Member stores. Vendor Members may also run paid display ads on our website at their discretion.

VENDORS sign up for a FREE Vendor Membership: CLICK HERE

Eco-Pro Members are:

Professional agroecologists that restore ecosystem services, regenerative agriculturists, regrarians, holistic management experts, permaculturists, etc. that either:

Landscape Designer1. Provide landscape design services to Onchenda Producer Members, or

2. Seek collaboration from other such professionals within our global network for a given project.

The World Wildlife Fund estimates that since 1960, a third of the world’s arable land has been lost through erosion and other degradation. But sadly, regenerative agriculture represents a small minority, probably 3 – 5 percent, of today’s global agriculture. It’s time to move beyond the notion of “sustainable” agriculture to a model of agriculture that restores and rejuvenates soils, farms, economies and communities. Healthy soils not only produce healthy food, healthy economies and healthy communities, but it just may be the best tool we have to reverse global warming.

According to a recent study by the Rodale Institute, if regenerative agriculture were practiced globally, 100 percent of current, annual carbon dioxide emissions would be sequestered. But if we’re going to restore the world’s vast tracts of degraded lands, we’re going to need to transition on a global scale from today’s dominant chemical-intensive, mono-crop system to a regenerative model of agriculture.

Onchenda’s strategy for making the required shifts is more direct and effective than attempting to convince political systems that currently favor and promote destructive practices. By cooperatively working at the grassroots level to regenerate ecosystem services and return them to community ownership; by collectively reclaiming the means of food production; by transitioning from a debt-based economy to a production-based economy; and by transitioning from centralized dirty energy to localized clean energy, we can transform society from one of predatory extractionism to one of holistic stewardship. Please join us.

ECO-PROS sign up for a FREE Eco-Pro Memebership: CLICK HERE

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