Open Global Food Co-Op

For Eco-Pros

Eco-Pro Members are professional agroecologists that restore ecosystem services, regenerative agriculturists, Regrarians, holistic range management experts, permaculturists, etc. that either:

Landscape Designer1. Provide landscape design services to Onchenda Grower Members, or

2. Seek collaboration from other such professionals within our global network for a given project.

The World Wildlife Fund estimates that since 1960, a third of the world’s arable land has been lost through erosion and other degradation. But sadly, regenerative agriculture represents a small minority, probably 3 – 5 percent, of today’s global agriculture. It’s time to move beyond the notion of “sustainable” agriculture to a model of agriculture that restores and rejuvenates soils, farms, ecosystems, economies and communities. Healthy soils produce healthy food, healthy economies and healthy communities.

Onchenda’s strategy for making the required shifts is more direct and effective than attempting to convince political systems that currently favor and promote destructive practices. By cooperatively working at the grassroots level to regenerate ecosystem services and return them to community ownership; by collectively reclaiming the means of food production; by transitioning from a debt-based economy to a production-based economy; and by transitioning from centralized dirty energy to localized clean energy, we can transform society from one of predatory extractionism to one of holistic stewardship. Please join us.

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