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For Mentors

Mentor Members are LOCAL Permaculturists, Edible Horticulturalists, Organic Farmers, Holistic Management Experts, etc. who act as project managers for local Grower Member farm transition or market garden start-up projects. They:

Gardening Mentor4ca) QC the landscapes design, implementation program, costs estimate, and financial projections locally,

b) Oversee and supervise execution and ongoing development of their Grower Members’ projects, and

c) Assist in locally leveraging all 8 forms of capital (social, material, financial, natural, intellectual, human, spiritual, and cultural) to bring about healthy soils, produce, communities and economies.

In exchange for these services to local Grower Members, Mentor Members receive a retainer for projects they accept plus 5% of their Grower Members’ online sales on a residual bases. The greater the number of Grower Members successfully mentored, the greater the number of residual income streams to Mentor Members.

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