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Urban FarmerIf you are an existing farmer, market gardener, specialty shop, of value-added food item producer and want to sell your products online, scroll down and complete the Producer Registration Form below. Onchenda will help you set up your own virtual store in our Online Farmers’ Market, in exchange for a percentage of online sales to fund your marketing, sales, and direct delivery infrastructure.

If you are a start-up regenerative agriculture farmer or market gardener, or wanting to transition from mono-crop chemical farming to regenerative agriculture, and want assistance with getting set up and producing or making the transition so you can feed and employ yourself by selling your produce through your own virtual store in our Online Farmers’ Market, our Grower Fund supports viable projects  by providing:

a) A site-specific CAD landscape design;Lanscape Design C
b) A phased and sequential transition or implementation program;
c) A cost estimate of project-specific materials, supplies, tools, equipment, seeds, plants, and/or livestock from locally sourced Vendor Members;
d) A project financial projection;cost-estimate-example
e) Initial funding in the form of local Vendor Vouchers for their project-specific materials, supplies, tools, equipment, seeds, plants, and/or livestock; and
f) A local Mentor Member to assist with transition or implementation and ongoing development.

Start-up/transition farmers and market gardeners initiate the process by first registering as a Producer Member of Onchenda, whereupon we provide you with access to our Grower Site Form for submission. Upon acceptance of your project, Onchenda provides the transition or start-up Grower Member with a – f above, accessible through your project-specific Project Management Dashboard.

Once you’re up and running, your Onchenda Mentor will help you set up your own online store on our Online Farmers’ Market. Onchenda will deliver your produce directly to local consumers and professional purchasers (hotels, hospitals, grocers, restaurants, school cafeterias, etc.), and will retain a percentage of sales to fund operations; pay your local Onchenda Mentor for local project management and ongoing oversight; repay Grower Member transition or start-up subsidies at no interest; and help fund other local Grower Members’ transition or start-up projects.

You can sign up for a free Producer Membership by completing the form below.

Producer Member Registration