Our Mission

“Onchenda” is phonetic Mandarin for “safe” or “secure” (adj. 安全, pinyin Ānquán de). Onchenda Open Global Food Co-op’s mission is ending poverty and hunger organically through localized implementation of regenerative technologies and methodologies.

About Our Co-Op

Onchenda Open Global Food Co-op is a social enterprise dedicated to healthy communities and healthy economies through proliferation of locally grown/raised and locally consumed food worldwide. We do this by:

  • Empowering farmers, horticulturalists, market gardeners, fisheries and specialty shops to sell their poultry, meat, dairy, fish, produce and specialty items direct to local buyers through our online Farmers’ Market;
  • Referring our start-up market gardeners and farmers transitioning to regenerative agriculture to agroecologists for landscape designs, cost estimates, financial projections, and phased implementation programs in exchange for a retainer and upfront hard costs, plus residual income; and thus
  • Empowering urban, suburban, and rural families, communities and individuals to grow/raise their own food in order to feed and employ themselves by selling their surplus poultry, meat, dairy, fish and produce direct to local buyers through our online Farmers’ Market.

Where practicable, Onchenda provides:

  • A comprehensive and holistic landscape design
  • A sequential and phased start-up or transition program
  • A detailed cost estimate of seeds, plants, livestock, materials, tools and equipment sourced from local suppliers, and
  • Funding and mentoring throughout implementation and development.
COME JOIN US! Check out our “Programs” page, donate to our cause, and spread the word to your social media networks. Together we can restore Earth to being a virtual Garden of Eden!