Supplier Members are local suppliers of the materials, supplies, tools, equipment, seeds, plants, and/or livestock called for in local Producer Member project cost estimates. Funds for such project hard costs are allocated in our Grower Fund. As such, Onchenda acts as a referral service for local Supplier Members.  And because the funds have already been earmarked, we pay Supplier Members on a net 30 basis against project-specific Supplier Vouchers redeemed by Producer Members.

Accordingly, Supplier Members get more local customers and guaranteed timely payment directly from Onchenda. In order to make this system work, Supplier Members must agreed to give Onchenda access via API to their inventory and pricing database so that their goods and pricing can be automatically built right into the landscape design implementation program cost estimates and product-specific Supplier Vouchers we generate for Producer Members. Additionally, only Supplier Members may run paid display ads on our website at their discretion.

Prior to the launch of our online farmers’ market, you can sign up for a free pre-launch Supplier Membership. Doing so will just let us know that you like what we’re doing and want to participate. Please fill out the form below.

Supplier Registration Form