Supplier Vendors are local suppliers of farm and garden materials, supplies, tools, equipment, seeds, plants, and/or livestock. By opening a store on our Online Farmers’ Market, registered Supplier Vendors will attract more customers – from both the general public as well as from our Program Mentees – through our public marketing campaigns and our food producer Mentoring Program.

For supplies bought online by the general public, payment is transferred directly into your bank account through our payment gateway. For supplies bought by our Mentoring Program Mentees, payment will come in the form of Supplier Vouchers redeemed at time of purchase from funds already set-asides in our Grower Fund. In this manner, Supplier Vendors get more local customers and guaranteed timely payment directly from Onchenda.

Register as a Supplier Vendor, no obligation. Doing so will let us know that you like what we’re doing and want to participate. Your vendor login and online store setup procedure will follow acceptance of your registration.